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LiveSession on internal servers (eg. localhost)
LiveSession on internal servers (eg. localhost)
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You can record sessions on a local server, such as localhost. There are, however, certain limitations you need to consider.

To work properly, LiveSession needs public access to the website’s resources, such as CSS, fonts, and images. The app uses these elements to create a backup and display the recording correctly, even when the original files are deleted.

Lack of access to these resources causes fallback. The LiveSession player will be trying to load the elements from the original source. The recording will be displayed correctly if you’re watching the session on a device with access to these resources (such as the computer you’ve used to record localhost).

What’s more, some minor functions won’t be displayed from a local server, such as the :hover state of the cursor.

To sum up, we suggest using LiveSession on a local server only for testing the tracking script.

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