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Exclude recording for a specific IP, country, URL or user agent?
Exclude recording for a specific IP, country, URL or user agent?

Explore methods to exclude recordings in LiveSession based on specific criteria such as IP, country, URL, or user agent.

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To exclude recordings for a specific variable:

1. Go to SettingsWebsites. Find the website you would like to edit and click on “Edit” on the right side:

2. Once you enter there, you’ll get a screen like below, where you click on “Recording rules”

3. You can exclude recordings based on their URL, IP address, location, and user agents

4. While IP, location and user agents are self-explanatory in terms of blocking, with the URL it is a bit more complex. Click on Don’t record URLs, the following will appear

6. You can exclude an URL that contains subpages, f.e , but at the same time RECORD a subpage within the URL you have excluded

7. You can add more variables if you’d like. Additionally, click Save changes on the bottom of the page save your new settings.

How to properly exclude elements from recordings

Excluding URLs from recording sessions was explained in this article, but sometimes it is difficult to know just what kind of URLs can be excluded when typing them in the Don’t record URLs section in Recording rules. Below is a table which will clarify the rules of which URLs are excluded and which ones aren’t when inputting them.


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As mentioned higher in the article, you can record URLs while bypassing the Don’t record URL by clicking Except URLs.

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