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Segment summary email
Segment summary email
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What is segment summary?

Segment summary email can be useful to get daily or weekly updates of the segments that you’re following. It contains a summary of segments (grouped to a website) with number of sessions and percentage change in a daily or weekly period (depending on the your configuration).


How it works?

Everyday and every Monday (for a weekly notifications) at 5AM UTC we calculate the number of sessions in segments and send you an email with the summary. Depending on your settings, the number of sessions represent:

  • last day from 00:00 UTC to 23:59 UTC (for a daily notifications)

  • last Monday from 00:00 UTC to Sunday 23:59 UTC (for a weekly notifications)

Important: Values are calculated for a UTC timezone. The number of sessions can vary from the values in application for the same period. LiveSession application shows sessions based on your current timezone.

How to add or remove segment?

You can add or remove segments in two different way:

1. By clicking on the “Add to summary” button on sessions list:


Current selected segment will be added for a to segments summary email.

2. By adding or removing a segment from a list of following segments in “Settings > Notifications”:


Important: Segments are linked with a website. If you want to get segment summary for a multiple websites, you have to add it for each one.

How to change frequency or turn off notifications?

To turn off notifications switch the button in “Settings > Notifications”:


To change the frequency, select “daily” or “weekly” notifications.

Confirm the change by clicking “Save changes” button.

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