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What are Metrics?

With Metrics, you can track key interactions and KPIs on your site or application. Metric can be one of those types:

  • Sessions - Count of sessions

  • Unique Users - Count of unique users in sessions (e.g. how many users registered last month)

  • Events - the number of times the selected event happened (e.g. how many times users clicked on the signup button)

  • Properties - The count of numeric properties in the sessions. You can count the value using Sum, Max, Min, Average functions (e.g.. a count of the duration across the sessions or a average page load time)

The definition of metric can include filters that narrow the input data for the metric.

The result of the Metric can be displayed as:

  • Trend - Displaying the sum of sessions, users, events, or properties over a period of time. The interval of this metric depends on the time range. For a single day, metric shows values in hourly intervals, for days (up to 30) in daily intervals, and for more than 30 days in weekly intervals.

  • Number - A single number representing the count of sessions, users, events, or properties. For time-based properties, the unit is also presented.

  • Dimensional - List of the most accurate values grouped by the selected property. For instance, count of console errors grouped by country, system, or browser. Dimensional metric shows up to 10 top values.

Combining Metrics with Sessions

The sessions list applicable to Metrics, will be provided below the data visualization. You can click on the play button to navigate to a session.

Adding Metrics to Dashboards

You can effortlessly add your Metrics to Dashboards in LiveSession, significantly improving your data visualization and analytical capabilities. This feature empowers you to neatly organize and compare various metrics, tailoring the dashboard to your specific needs and preferences. By consolidating your chosen metrics on one dashboard, you streamline your data analysis process, enabling quicker insights and more informed decisions.

For guidance on how to customize your dashboard with metrics, please visit: Dashboards in LiveSession.

We are constantly working on the development of Metrics.

During this open beta phase, Metrics remain free to use for everyone. We welcome your feedback about how you’re using Metrics, what you’re having issues with or any ideas on what you’d like to see in Metrics. Give it a try, and let us know what you think.

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