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Dev Tools
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What is Dev Tools

Dev Tools in LiveSession is a suite of developer-oriented features that enable tracking of console logs, JavaScript errors, and network requests in user sessions. This tool is instrumental in improving user experience (UX) and accelerating bug identification and resolution, making your product development more efficient and user-centric.

How Dev Tools can help you develop your product

Dev Tools provide vital insights into the user's experience by capturing detailed technical data. This includes:

  • Console Log Tracking: Understand user actions and errors in real-time.

  • JavaScript Error Reporting: Quickly identify and fix coding issues.

  • Network Request Analysis: Gain insights into server-client interactions.

These features enable developers to see exactly what users encounter, leading to faster, more accurate debugging and an overall smoother user experience.

How to use Dev Tools

  1. Open a user session.

  2. Click "Dev Tools" at the bottom player navigation.

  3. Review console logs.

For detailed Network Logs instructions, see the Network Logs article.


Dev Tools in LiveSession is a powerful ally for developers, providing deep insights into user interactions and technical performance. By effectively utilizing these tools, you can significantly enhance your product's usability and reliability.

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