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Event Alerts

Discover how Alerts work in LiveSession and how to set them up for efficient user interaction monitoring.

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Alert - what is it?

Alert is a message coming from LiveSession to a specific channel (like Slack, email, or webhook). Message is generated by LiveSession based on your Custom Events during the user’s session. You’ll be notified on the channel when the event occurs. Thanks to that, you’ll be able to respond much quicker without having a manual session observation.

Where can I find Alerts?

Alerts are available inside “Alerts” submenu within “Settings”. On this page, you can view and manage your alerts. You can create, update, and enable/disable alerts.

If you want to create one, click “Add alert” button.

If you have never created an alert before, you must do an initial configuration setup. First, you have to connect your Slack workspace with LiveSession.

After successful authorization, you can set up an alert configuration.

You can also choose an event that does not exist yet. Then, if an event occurs in the future, you’ll also be notified.

After successful configuration, you can click “Add” button. A configured alert message should be visible on the channel you previously picked.

Example alert message on Slack should look like this.

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