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What is Segments

Segments in LiveSession are a powerful feature that allows users to categorize data based on specific criteria. This capability is essential for tracking and analyzing specific user behaviors, which is crucial for optimizing websites and applications.

Creating Segments

Step 1: Navigating to "Sessions"

To start creating a segment, first navigate to the "Sessions" tab in LiveSession. This is where you can view all user sessions and begin the process of segmentation.

Step 2: Selecting Filters for Criteria

Once in the "Sessions" tab, choose the filters that define the criteria for your segment. For instance, you might select "First time visit" if you're interested in new users. These filters are the backbone of your segment, helping you focus on specific user activities or characteristics.

Step 3: Applying Filters and Saving

After selecting your desired filters, click on "Apply" to view sessions that match these criteria. Then, to save these settings as a segment, click on "Save as". This action leads you to the segment creation stage.

Step 4: Naming and Creating the Segment

Name your segment appropriately for easy identification and reference. After naming, click on "Create segment" to finalize the process. Your segment is now active and ready to use.

Using Segments

In Metrics, Funnels, and Heatmaps

Once a segment is created, it can be applied in various analyses within LiveSession. You can use segments to filter data in metrics, funnels, and heatmaps, providing tailored insights into specific user groups or behaviors.

Filtering User Sessions

One of the primary uses of segments is to filter user sessions. By applying a segment, you can view sessions from users who meet the criteria you've set. This is invaluable for in-depth analysis and understanding user interactions on a granular level.

Sharing and Collaborating

In LiveSession, when creating a segment, there's an option to make it public, allowing all team members to access and utilize it. This feature is essential for collaborative analysis and streamlines workflows by enabling team members to share predefined filters, ensuring consistency and efficiency in data analysis across different departments.


Creating and using segments in LiveSession is a key aspect of user behavior analysis. It allows for a more nuanced understanding of how different target groups interact with your product, invaluable in the process of optimizing and improving websites and applications.

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