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Survicate integration
Survicate integration
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What is Survicate?

Survicate is a tool that helps you get more feedback from your customers. Connecting it with LiveSession and:

  • Access the session recordings from the respondent profile

  • Filter session recordings via custom properties, e.g. survey name, ID, title, description, or answer

  • Help your customers more easily and efficiently

How does it work?


Every respondent profile in Survicate gets a new property called sessionURL. It contains a URL with the session recording. This way, you can see how the surveyed user has interacted with the website:

Survicate Integration

Survicate Integration


After every completed survey, integration sends data to LiveSession.

In the LiveSession app, you can use Survicate data as custom properties for filtering. If you’d like to preview the properties, hover your mouse over the properties of the selected session:

Survicate Integration

How can I install this integration?

To install integration, add the code below before your </body> closing tag:

<script type="text/javascript"> __ls("getSessionURL",function(s,t){!function(t){function i(){t._sva.setVisitorTraits({sessionURL:s})} t._sva?(i(),t._sva.addEventListener("survey_completed",function(s){!function(){const{surveyState:s,backendData:t,visit:i}=_sva.getState(),e=1===s.pointsDisplayed.length&&s.pointsDisplayed[0],n=i.answers[e]&&{"survicate.last_answer":i.answers[e]} ,a=s.pointsDisplayed[0].point.description&&{"survicate.last_description":s.pointsDisplayed[0] .point.description},o=s.pointsDisplayed[0].point.content&&{"survicate.last_title":s.pointsDisplayed[0].point.content};__ls("setCustomParams",{params:{"survicate.last_survey_name":t.surveys[0].name,"survicate.survey_id":t.surveys[0].id,...o,...a,...n}})}()})):t.addEventListener("SurvicateReady",function(){i()})}(window)}); </script>

How to filter sessions with custom properties from Survicate?

To make this integration work, you need to have both Survicate and LiveSession installed on your website. If you haven’t installed our tracking code yet, see this article. To install Survicate, follow this guide

  1. Click Add filter > Custom param

  2. Select the first text field and choose your filter. We filter Survicate surveys by their ID:

    Survicate Integration

  3. Search for the property you need

  4. Click the Apply filters button. And that’s all, you’ve got filtered sessions!

    We highly recommend saving these filters as a segment. This way, you can easily come back and find the right sessions even faster! Take a look at this short guide

  5. Click Save as

  6. Define the Segment name and click Create segment. Your segments will be visible on the left side under My segments.

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