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Bugsnag integration
Bugsnag integration
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What is Bugsnag?

Bugsnag is a professional tool to monitor the stability of your app and report errors. Connecting LiveSession with Bugsnag comes with a range of unique benefits, such as:

  • Direct access to session recordings from Bugsnag dashboard

  • Access to all information in one place

  • Ability to see where the error has occurred

How does it work?

With this integration, every new event in Bugsnag gets an extra tab called sessionURL. The tab contains a url label with a link to the session recording.

Every time a new session will start, our code will send an event to Segment with a link to session replay.

Important: Remember that LiveSession only starts recording if it detects activity of user (find out more informations about recording conditions). Because of this, Bugsnag will wait 3 seconds after initializing. If the user doesn’t do anything for more than 3 seconds, the sessionURL tag will be empty.

How can I install this integration?

To install integration, add the code below before your </body> closing tag:

<script type="text/javascript"> var createdSessionURL = ""; Bugsnag.start({ apiKey: "YOUR_API_KEY", onError: function (event) { __ls("getSessionURL", function (url, isNewSession) { createdSessionURL = url; }); var wait = function wait(ms) { return new Promise(function (r, j) { return setTimeout(r, ms); }); }; return wait(3000).then(function() { event._metadata.sessionURL.url = createdSessionURL; return event; }); }, }); Bugsnag.addMetadata("sessionURL", { url: createdSessionURL, }); </script>

To make this integration works you need to LiveSession installed on your website. If you haven’t installed our tracking code yet check this article.

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