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LiveChat integration
LiveChat integration
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What is LiveChat?

LiveChat is a live chat web application provider. You can use it to provide your customers with support or to guide your visitors through buying process.

How does this integration work?

This integration automatically adds links for every new conversation to session replays from LiveSession to LiveChat dashboard. Thanks to this solution, you can open recordings of a specific user directly from chat screen.


Every time a new session will start, our code will send an event to LiveChat with a link to session replay.

How can I install this integration?

For the integration to work, you need to have both LiveChat and LiveSession installed on your website. If you haven’t installed our tracking code yet, check this article for instructions.

Visit LiveChat in integrations page to install. Then click Install now to confirm:

LiveChat integration

You will be redirected to LiveChat. Authorize LiveSession access to your LiveChat account:

LiveChat integration

After granting access, you will be redirected back to LiveSession. You’ll see the LiveChat integration on the list:

LiveChat integration

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